Joy S. Huntington Beach, CA


Hi there I just wanted to stop by yelp and give my review on VS Studios. First of Sean and Van are absolutely the best music coach and instructors   . They have patience and effective listeners to improve your musical skills. I started with them because it has been some time since I utilized my voice. They assisted me to enhance my voice and it has been paying off. My friends and family have noticed the dramatic difference. In highly recommend VS Music Studios services for any of you musical needs.

Justina T. Orange County, CA


The short review: I’m taking adult vocal lessons, so if you’re in that market, you’re in for a treat. They also have seasonal instrumental classes, so if you’re learning the drums, ukulele, guitar, piano, etc. you can enhance your skills here. And there are also recitals every few months to show off what you’ve learned. For the kids program, there’s an acting class in addition to vocal lessons and lots of opportunities to perform/sing at events around Orange County.

The long review: For years, I’ve wondered if people are born great singers or if they learn to become great. It wasn’t until earlier this year I finally decided to figure out the answer. Singing teachers on YouTube largely pushed the latter – that people can learn proper technique and sing well through consistent practice. However, were they only saying this to encourage people to sign up for their music courses?

My first lesson at VS Music Studios brimmed with joy. It was so much fun to sing Disney songs (though they’ll accommodate other types of music as well!) and listen to the piano accompaniment. It felt like being a kid again, and I knew from that initial lesson that I’d want to become a regular. My goal is to have a decent singing voice (as multiple independent sources have told me that I sound terrible).

Van and Sean are incredibly understanding, patient, and, most importantly, honest. If you’re having an off-day (as I oft do), they won’t get frustrated at you for not singing up to your usual par. They’ll encourage you to keep trying and practicing even if you may think you’re hopeless at whatever you’re doing. Also, they won’t ever say anything mean or sarcastic – but they’ll let you know in an objective/straightforward way if you’re flat, your voice is stuck in your throat (which is my main dilemma), etc.

From my first lesson to my most recent one, I can totally hear a stark difference in how I sing. My voice is more resonant and I can hold a note for longer than 0.02 seconds!

Aside from vocal lessons, I’ve taken the eight-week ukulele beginners classes. Though Van and Sean didn’t teach these personally, I still had fun and learned a lot from the instructor. Be prepared to practice your instrument often at home since class time goes by fast!

So if you’re aiming to find your (singing) voice and learn how to breathe properly and effectively – or if you’re wanting to learn to play an instrument or become an actor – come on over to VS Music Studios.

Rhonda S. Costa Rica, Mexico


Sean is really a super star in working with kids. I have two children. One is doing acting lessons, one is doing singing lessons. My girl in singing lessons is difficult at times,  but he reroutes her focus so well and helps her to push past her issues. He takes his time with both of them and really makes learning fun. I love hearing the kids laughing while they are learning. It’s so good to hear them having fun and practicing what they love at the same time. I definitely recommend this studio.

Kaprice V. Irvine, CA


Started my vocal lessons here. So far I’ve only had two lessons and the change it’s made in my voice is amazing! I’m so happy I found this place. I’ve tried other vocal coaches in the past and never really been able to improve my skills. Also extremely friendly and fair pricing !

Jenn S. Irvine, CA


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience at VS music studio.  Sean is uber patient and takes the time to explore methods to find what works best for me.  I’ve taken both voice and drum lessons and am having a lot of fun.  I highly recommend you check this studio out.  They have a location in Costa Mesa as well.




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