Kids & Adults, Beginners & PROS

Whatever it may be, when it comes to performing and music lessons we do a lot. Our professional teaching artists work with the whole spectrum of ages and skill levels. Contact us to see if VS Music Studios is right for you.

Build Confidence

Kids and Adults can build confidence with music lessons. Learning concepts, skills and seeing growth in your abilities can help you build confidence as an individual. We offer many performing opportunities for students, which can all add to this confidence boost.

Family Memories

Make memories at VS Music Studios! Throughout the years we invested in providing the best education while offering many performing opportunities for both kids and adults. We have numerous families that both the kids and parents take lessons. They perform and are involved in the learning process together. Memories are created all the time at VSMS.

Learn Skills

Working as a solo artist and/or working in groups you can learn an array of skills that you can also apply into other facets of your life. Try out music lessons and see the impact in your own life.

Make Music & Perform

Sometimes it just feels so good to make music and perform. Whether it’s karaoke or in the comfort of your own home or on TV or Concert Hall with thousands of people watching. At VS Music Studios you will have opportunities to perform on TV, in live shows, recitals, festivals, competitions and just for fun.