VSMS works with anyone and for everyone

Over the years, our teachers have worked with many students (children, adults, professionals or avid music lovers) that have different needs. Whatever the needs are, we can accommodate and tailor the private one-on-one experience to best benefit the student and spark interest. We also offer group classes if you prefer working in a fun, supportive group setting.

We are here to help you grow, learn, gain more confidence and enrich your daily life. Along with our pineapple mascot, our motto is to “stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside”. Our teaching philosophy is that everyone and anyone can get better at the instruments that they choose, if given the right tools and guidance. Ultimately, our passion is for you to improve in each lesson and have the freedom to express yourself, while having FUN in the process. At VSMS, we believe in treating our students and clients with equal respect, supporting and empowering each other with kindness and sweetness. Like a pineapple!

No Obstacles

Don’t let anything stop you from starting your journey today. Whether it’s language, age, gender, disability, special needs, religion or a certain perspective, you can still have lessons at VS Music Studios. We are proud to work with one of the most diverse student and client bases for any music school or educational institution.

Start Today!

It’s as easy as a simple text or call to 714-485-8577, or email to vsmusicstudios@gmail.com, or message us through our website or social media. We are here for you 7 days a week and will get back to you as soon as possible.