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3303 Harbor Boulevard, Suite H8, dCosta Mesa 92626



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USA and Internationally


Locations in SoCal, NYC and ONLINE

Voice, Music, Acting, Productions and More!

Voice Lessons

Private or Group lessons are available. We work with any vocal background, interest, language and goal. We have Master Teachers and teachers that work with beginners.

Master Classes

We have MasterClasses each year with Tony and Grammy Award Winning and Nominated artists, directors, actors, casting directors, agents, producers and more.

Music Lessons

We offer music lessons in: piano, guitar, ukulele, drums/percussion, keyboard, violin, cello and more.

Vocal Therapy

Your voice is a major part of how you communicate, present yourself with confidence and how others view you. Speaking is the same functionality as singing and your voice should be cared for and trained like it.

Acting Classes

We offer acting classes. Our students are award winning actors and actresses. We have teachers from NYU and NYU Tisch School of Drama in NYC.


At VSMS we are investing and building shows, productions and more to help our students have more opportunities to grow, perform, learn, have fun and build confidence for the future. We have New Years Shows/TET, Valentines Day, Spring/Summer/Beach Shows and our favorite Christmas Show. This year we are also beginning the release of our PINEAPPLE KIDS SHOW (2023).

Summer Group Classes

Classes include Singing, Acting and Dance for kids only. Some classes will be preparing for some performances at the OC Fair. We are currently offering a Summer Promotion of Group Classes at $15/45min. Tuition is paid monthly. Classes are ongoing to contact us today!

Interviews of Pros

After a few seasons of Bich-Van’s show, The Nook, aired on TV and became highly watched and revolutionary in the Southern California scene, it is coming back AGAIN! The Nook will interview working professionals in all different aspects and areas of the entertainment industry including singers/musicians, actors, producers, casting agents, record label professionals and many more. The Nook is currently in production and is estimated to air in late 2024.

The Pineapple Kids Show

Introducing a new show featuring kids within VS Music Studios talking about life, school, music and playing hilariously fun games. The PK Show is in post-production phase and it will be released in the near future.

Client Diversity

Fun fact is that our clients are about 60% adults and 40% kids with the youngest being 2 years of age and the oldest being in their 80s. VS Music Studios works with an extremely diverse clientele including working professionals, Broadway/Hollywood actors, touring artists, aspiring pros, karaoke singers, people who have never sang in their life, adults with chronic vocal issues or trauma, kids with autism and non-verbal, people with disabilities, people that just want to have fun and build up confidence and they are from all different backgrounds, cultures and countries across the globe. We also currently teach people online in N. America, Asia, Europe, S. America and Australia, which we have been operating for over 15 years. We are proud of our large network and our beautiful VS Music Studios Family.

Cultural Events

Since our Westminster studio location is in the middle of Little Saigon in Orange County, California and our co-founder Bich-Van is Vietnamese-American we have a significant amount of Vietnamese students. Our students are heavily involved in all of the major events within the Vietnamese community in Orange County and also outside of California and overseas. Every year our students perform on TV, at Festivals and fairs celebrating the Vietnamese culture. We also have other strong cultural ties including Spanish/Latin America, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Israeli, Arab and Filipino cultures. We are a very diverse family at VSMS.


About 60% of our clients are adults and of that we do work with a lot of people in the middle of their careers, starting their careers or hoping to begin a career in the entertainment industry as singers, actors, musicians, composers, etc. We have 100s of clients that have worked as leads on Broadway, Hollywood or feature films, TV, recording industry, touring artists, signed with record labels and were finalists for competitions including American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Vietnam Idol and more. One of our specialties is vocal rehabilitation and commercial music.

Why Pineapples?

First of all they are cute and they taste delicious. They are also the international sign for “Welcome”, which we are all about and allows us to be as diverse as we are. We also strongly believe in the MOTTO of the PINEAPPLE:

“Stand Tall

Wear a Crown

Be Sweet on the Inside”

“I started singing at VSMS with Sean Buhr 6 months ago. I have discovered a passion for singing, have learned piano/ukulele, and music has become an outlet for me. I have transformed into a good singer with many creative aspirations. Sean is intentional with his words, thorough, and consistent. He is easy to understand. Sean has always made me feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. He has been willing to work around my schedule. Sean always answers my 1,000,000 questions patiently! And he has given me many solid recommendations for resources such as books, websites, apps, equipment, etc. Sean has become a great teacher, coach, mentor, and friend to me. Sean and Van both work harder than anyone I know, and I would recommend their studio to anyone! Thank you Sean, Van, and VSMS!” – Gwendoline W.Newport Beach, CA